It's me, Mason!
Portland, OR

Hi, I'm Mason. šŸ‘‹

I love studying the invisible systems that shape our world. It started (and will forever continue) with the web. Recently, my curiousity has extended to financial systems.

I spend nearly as much time moving as I do sitting in front of my laptop. Biking, grappling, bouldering, and gymnastics fill those parts of my day.

Other interests include science fiction, personal finance, cities, and learning how to learn and think better.

I earn my living as a web developer, and prefer to do that remotely.

For work inquiries, email is best. For everything else, pick your poison. I'm happy to correspond about any of my interests ā€” or something you think I'd find interesting.


Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed writing. It's actually a lot like programming. Both ask that you use language to most effectively and efficiently communicate ideas ā€” always making trade-offs between concision and readability.

I've been very inspired by people across my interests that make a habit of writing down and sharing their thoughts and experiences. Swizec Teller, Jon Yuen, Steph Smith, and Pieter Levels are just a few that come to mind. Hopefully I can pay forward even a fraction of the guidance, intrigue, and inspiration that each of them has provided me through their writing.

Testing Next.js API Routes

Sep 23, 2019

In this post, I explain the approach I found for unit testing Next.js API Routes endpoints. API Routes are a new feature, as of Next.js vā€¦


Most of my freelance work involves Javascript, Node, and React. I love the JAM Stack and building blazing fast sites/apps with Gatsby or NextJS.

I've worked on many creatively focused projects for design studios/agencies (eh... I'm still not sure what the difference is šŸ¤”). Often, I'm the only developer in meetings full of designers, strategists, and business folk.

That has gained me expertise in clear and patient communication of technical requirements/challenges.

With that said, I do aspire to work on larger engineering teams. šŸ¤“

  • contributing developer
  • technical consultant
  • gatsby
  • javascript
  • netlify
  • node
  • prismic
  • contributing developer
  • technical consultant
  • javascript
  • node
  • prismic
  • squarespace
  • webpack
  • contributing developer
  • technical consultant
  • javascript
  • node
  • squarespace


Most of my goals fall amongst the categories of education, finance, or fitness. Sometimes I revise them, replace them, or put them on hold. I'll keep them updated here.

Front Lever PullfitnessachievedJul 1574 days
Handstand PressfitnesscurrentJul 886 days
Build and launch Stronger.appbusinesscurrentAug 459 days
Join a remote product teambusinesscurrentAug 2241 days
Back Lever PullfitnesscurrentSep 302 days
Help bring micro-cors package up to specopen sourcecurrentSep 1517 days
Head-to-toe Pikefitnessnext
Straddle Splitfitnessnext
$100,000 annual profit from contractingbusinesspausedJun 12112 days
Contribute to open source Rust cratesopen sourcepaused
Handstand Pushupfitnesspaused
One Arm Chinupfitnesspaused


I tend to approach life in iterations of modular loops of time: days, weeks, months, quarters, years. Daily habits are the fundamental subroutines that I seek to optimize for desired results across these loops of time.

It's ok. I also laughed at myself, after typing the above. šŸ¤–

This table is updated weekly, usually on Sunday.

Wake by 7AMhealthbuilding77
Push code every dayproductivitybuilding15
Daily journal entryproductivitybuilding13
Intermittent fasting (14-16hrs)healthmaintaining
Daily strength/mobility traininghealthmaintaining
Only eat fish/fowl for meathealthmaintaining
No browsing social mediaproductivitymaintaining
Log project progress at wip.chatproductivitymaintaining
Morning mobility practicehealthpaused
No watching series/moviesproductivitypaused
Bed by 11PMhealthpaused
Morning run (6km)healthpaused
Sleep until I natural wake-uphealthpaused
Weekday grappling practicefitnesspaused
Morning sun (30min)healthpaused
No caffeine past 4pmhealthpaused


Exceptionally good technical books/docs, paired with lots of tinkering, remains my favorite means of learning. I've also long kept up an abundant diet of scifi/fantasy. It keeps me inspired. Here is what I'm currently reading, along with some favorites.

Can't Hurt Mebiographyreading
Stretching Scientificallyhealthreading
Handbook of Applied Cryptographycomputingnext
The Three-Body Problemscifinext
Harry Potter Seriesfantasyreadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
Ready Player Onescifireadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
The Wise Man's Fearfantasyreadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
Why We Sleephealthreadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
Farseer Trilogyfantasyreadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
Starting Strengthhealthreadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
The Diamond Agescifireadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.scifireadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
You Don't Know JScomputingreadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘ā­‘
Sprawl Seriesscifireadā­‘ā­‘ā­‘