Mason Medeiros

I’m an independent web engineer. I design user interfaces, build APIs, integrate headless CMS, and do most anything else your content or product requires. I’m a wiz with all the basics (HTML, CSS, JS) and then some (React, Express, Mongo, GraphQL). Most importantly, I know how to adapt and learn when a situation calls for it.

I love cities and visit new ones frequently. I usually spend at least a month in a new city. No matter where I am, my life is quite routine. I work everyday to maintain/improve my body and mind, to hone my craft, to keep things simple, and to focus on quality over quantity.

What I’m up to lately

🗺 Location: Gdańsk, Poland
📚 Reading: Unlimited Memory, Burning Chrome
🎧 Listening: Billie Eilish, Rude., Nina Simone, Onra
🤸🏽‍♂️ Training: Handstand Pushup, Front Lever, Side Splits
🧠 Learning: Polish, GraphQL (advanced)
🤩 Fascination: Anki, Spaced Repetition

Last update Aug 31, 2018